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Product Information

  • Why You Should Use Cuticle & Skincare Balm

    Mani Chic's infused jojoba is blended with unrefined shea, and beeswax to provide long lasting moisture for extra dry cuticles. It is even good fo...
  • What is the Mani Chic Difference?

    What is it that truly sets Mani Chic cuticles oils and other products apart from the rest? A magical herb, called horsetail, is infused in many of our products. Read more about it here.
  • The Magic of Matcha Facial Mask Powder

    There is nothing more exciting than when I have a new product idea that works out exactly as I imagined. Sometimes the new products are pretty str...
  • Alcohol & Oil-Free Hair & Body Mist

    Let's talk about Hair and Body Mist! When I had the idea of doing a "body spray" I started testing out different recipes and researching diffe...
  • Keeping Whipped Shea Natural as the Weather Warms

    Continuing to ship and love Whipped Hand and Body Cream as the weather warms can be a bit more challenging when we are wanted to keep our products as natural and healthy. There are things we can do to make it possible!