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Alcohol & Oil-Free Hair & Body Mist

Let's talk about Hair and Body Mist!
When I had the idea of doing a "body spray" I started testing out different recipes and researching different ingredients. I came to the conclusion that I wanted to keep it alcohol-free so it wouldn't be damaging to hair and would be gentle for people with respiratory sensitivity.
Being an "oil" company, I have never worked with a product that is water based so I had to educate myself on ways to keep the fragrance oils mixed in, how to make the fragrance "stick", and how to keep the product from going bad. My goal was to achieve all of this while staying away from as many ingredients on the "hot list" as possible. 
I mixed together the fragrance oil with the minimum amount of food grade, Polysorbate 20 needed to keep keep the fragrance blended into the other ingredients. Aloe is what I added to help make the fragrance last on your hair/body. Bonus, it is super moisturizing!  
You will notice that the mist has a milky white appearance in the bottle. This is simply the reaction that occurs when the emulsified oil mixes with the other ingredients. I could have chosen to use more of or a stronger emulsifier until the mixure stayed clear, but I didn't think the additives were necessary. There is no sign of "milky-ness" once it is sprayed in your hair or on your clothes. 
So go ahead and spray away, in your hair and on your body. It also works great in the car, sprayed on the carpets, and as a linen spray!