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Keeping Whipped Shea Natural as the Weather Warms

As I started creating a whipped shea butter that I wanted to use on myself, my kids, and subsequently provide for sale in the Mani Chic lineup, it was important to me to keep the ingredients as close to natural and healthy as possible. I desired to have a finished product that was luxurious and healing, but also without all the unnecessary additives often found in typical store bought product.

I think I did a pretty good job at achieving that! Aside from the minimal addition of fragrance oils, which I am very particular about (ie. Pthalate-free, do not require Prop. 65 warnings, etc.), ingredients are quality, simple, and minimal. There is no water in this product so there is no need for preservatives or emulsifiers. I don't even add color stabilizers (this is why you may notice certain scents that have vanilla as a contributing note, darkening slightly over time).

With all of this being said, the following is a PSA regarding shipping of the Whipped Hand and Body Cream as the weather warms and for those living in warmer climates. 

Summer is the perfect time to use a good shea butter. The heat, saltwater, and chlorine can really dry out our skin! Those of you that have been able to try the cream know that it melts into your skin like butter, soaking in, healing and hydrating. This feature also means that it is not 100% safe from melting in the heat. I could put additives and unnatural ingredients into the cream that could help keep this from happening but that completely goes against what I wanted out of this product. There are, however, things that we can do. Watch your tracking numbers! The shea should make it in transit just fine, but sitting in mailboxes or on front porches for a couple days or extended periods of time could cause melting. Have someone grab it for you if you can't. You might even consider shipping to your office if you think that might help.


If you do happen to receive a product that is melted, the consistency will change (all my time spent whipping in multiple stages may no longer be evident), but the ingredients are just as amazing, healing and good for you. The product may resemble more of a balm and less of a whip. You can use the product just the same. Shea butter balms are amazing! Another option would be to re-whip it. To do this, refrigerate the container until the shea is solid, scoop it out into a bowl and hit with your hand mixer until fluffy!

Raw sheaWhipped shea

I am hoping you see my reasoning for not wanting to include additives and you are feeling the same way as me about it. As always, if you receive a product you are unhappy with, reach out to me and we will work together to make it right. And a reminder, in the warms months, a mini Whipped Cream is perfect for your purse, but please DON'T LEAVE IT IN YOUR CAR!

Thank you, Mani Chic Family, for your continued support and love of my products! I appreciate you so very much!